Free Peanuts at each table

Ah Nuts!

Why peanuts go with beer.

While visiting our bar you may have noticed that we have free peanuts. But have you ever wondered why? The answer: Science.

There are four main ingredients in beer: water, barley, yeast, and hops.
The ingredient to focus on here is hops. These flowers used to make beer contain the acids that give beer flavor, aroma and bitterness. They also act as a preservative.

Humans have evolved to dislike the sensation of bitterness – this trait keeps us from ingesting things that could kill us. Somehow, sodium chloride (salt) blocks the sensation of bitterness.

Don’t believe us?  grab a piece of rhubarb. Uncooked it is ridiculously bitter – until you add salt. The flavors completely change, it becomes much sweeter.

But it takes more than salt for beer to go down easily. There’s another element at work here: tannins. They are a by-product of the brewing/fermentation process and don’t have much flavor. Instead, they create a feeling a astringency (almost like a drying sensation in the back of your mouth). Fat counteracts this by lubricating your mouth.

So grab a fistful of fat and salt and sling back a cold brew at the Wobbly Bobby.

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