Wild Turkey Day

Wild Turkey Trivia

Visit Wobbly Bobby every Wednesday night for bingo and trivia. Special Thanksgiving themed trivia was held November 23, 2016

  1. What president declared Thanksgiving a national holiday?
  2. Jonathan Davis is the lead singer of what band?
  3. In what state did the turducken originate?
  4. The flap of skin under a turkey’s chin is called what?
  5. What year was the first Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade?
  6. What is a female turkey called?
  7. Stuffing that is not actually stuffed into the turkey is technically called what?
  8. In bird terms, what is a “clutch”?
  9. What is the day after Thanksgiving traditionally known as?
  10. Who is the greek goddess of corn?
  11. What loveable dog has appeared more than any other in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?
  12. Which Native American tribe taught the Pilgrims how to cultivate the land and were invited to the Thanksgiving meal?
  13. In what US city was the first Thanksgiving held?
  14. What was the first character balloon to fly in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?
  15. Where do cranberries grow? In a tree, on a bush or in a bog?
  16. What is the “Furcula” more commonly known as?
  17. What does the number 3.14 signify?
  18. The science of birds is called what?
  19. Who was the first astronaut to eat a turkey dinner on the moon?
  20. In the 1987 Thanksgiving road trip film, “Planes, Trains & Automobiles,” John Candy’s character is a traveling salesman who sells what?
  21. In A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, where does everyone gather for the meal?
  22. Name at least one US state that is included in the “Corn Belt”.
  23. What is a male turkey called? (there are two acceptable answers)
  24. In Adam Sandler’s “Thanksgiving Song,” which performer only has one eye?
  25. In what country are Yams native?
  26. In the film “free birds” who voices the main character “reggie”?
  27. Children generally draw turkeys by tracing what?
  28. In bowling, what is it called when you get three strikes in the last frame?
  29. What did Jimmy crack?
  30. The fleshy covering over a male turkey’s beak is called what?
  31. In what state is Wild Turkey Bourbon distilled and bottled in?
  32. What is a baby turkey called?
  33. What Irish rock band sang the song “Zombie”?
  34. What is a capotain?
  35. The world’s largest corn mural is in what city?
  36. What is a “gizzard”?
  37. Name at least one state that has the wild turkey as their state game bird.
  38. In what city did the rock band “Bread” originate?
  39. The Detroit lions played against which team in the first Thanksgiving Day NFL game in 1934?
  40. Rumor has it that many Canadians call our American Thanksgiving by what name?



  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Korn
  3. Louisiana
  4. a wattle
  5. 1924
  6. hen
  7. dressing
  8. eggs
  9. black friday
  10. demeter
  11. snoopy
  12. Wampanoag
  13. Plymouth
  14. Felix the Cat
  15. Bog
  16. Wishbone
  17. Pi
  18. Ornithology
  19. Neil Armstrong
  20. Shower Curtain Rings
  21. ping pong table
  22. Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota or Wisconsin
  23. a tom or a gobbler
  24. Sammy Davis Jr.
  25. Africa
  26. Owen Wilson
  27. their hand
  28. a turkey
  29. corn
  30. a snood
  31. Kentucky
  32. poult
  33. The Cranberries
  34. a hat worn by pilgrims
  35. Mitchell SD
  36. bird’s stomach
  37. Alabama, Massachusetts, Oklahoma or South Carolina
  38. Los Angeles
  39. Chicago Bears
  40. Yanksgiving

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